RoundUp 2014
January 4, 2015
PEJ is let loose …. This is “PEJ Unchained”
January 12, 2015

Hello Everyone

It’s Monday Morning and we are very excited.

We basically just wanted to let you know about our new idea.

We are currently working a much larger game (details of which we will reveal soon). Development time is estimated at 6 months

But we were talking and realized that when working on longer projects, teams (that’s us) usually become saturated at some point and need a break just to do something fun and different.

And that’s how we came up with “Sonbim Mini“. Sonbim Mini is basically us taking a break from bigger projects once a month and within 3 days, we prototype a ‘mini’ game or app (some of which may be rather silly…) we touch it up a bit . And release it…

Basically it’ll help us have fun and we can return to our major project refreshed and feeling creative.

We also aim to put in regular mobile ads in these “minis” as well as our own ads.

Also if by a chance any of them becomes a hit , we could look into expanding it…

And of course we dont just talk, we already have the first one, details in my next post

That’s about it.