Announcing Sonbim Mini
January 12, 2015
We are Top 100! plus our Weekly Update
January 20, 2015


Just so you know what this is….

It’s the first game/app in our “Sonbim Mini” series .. details on that here… (

Our First Lady has given us sooo many unforgettable quotes over the years and we just thought, ‘Hey , why don’t we compile it all nicely in an app… And so we did….

Along the way… We also thought.. “that’s not enough, lets add a small funny game in it… and so we did…

And that’s PEJ Unchained. I could say more but I don’t want to ruin the surprises… and laughs …

PEJ Unchained in keeping with the idea behind Sonbim Mini was built in about 3 days.

For a week after that, we found a little time in between our shedules to put in small details like menu screens and sound effects and so on to make it look more like a proper app.

Since we have launched our last too games on the 14th, (Valentine Rush 14/02/14 andSortables 14/12/14) we also decided to maintain the trend and so PEJ Unchained will be released on he 14th of January 2015 on Google Play…



Till then…


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