Catapults,In-app purchases and a few other things
February 3, 2015
March 25, 2015


Wow! March 23rd… Been ages since we posted last. Lot has happened since then

Last time I was here, I was heading to pitch for the Airtel Catapult-A-StartUp Contest.

Well we pitched along with 75 other finalists (selected from over 300 entries)

And on the 10th of February, we were announced as one of the 7 Winners. This is big news and we look forward to the opportunities in marketing and publicity that this brings.

Below is a picture of Jeff grinning with a big cheque


Big Ups to the guys at ChopUp. Also a premier game development company in Nigeria and one of the winners too. For two game studios to be selected, it means we have something good going on here.


PEJ Unchained

The game has been doing pretty well… Averaging 30 new installs every day. Total installs stand at about 3000.

96% of which are Nigerian, So it’s very highly targeted.

Fridays and Saturdays have the largest amount of installs… Usually averaging 40. We have dropped as was expected but remain in the Top 300 of Free Games for this region.


I am also very happy to announce the PEJ UNCHAINED “ELECTION EXPLOSION” Update….

(Yes we already know the name is a bit cheesy)

Nigeria’s Presidential Elections are on the 28th of March and what better way to celebrate than to release an update for our “politically-incorrect-yet-correct” game…

So on the eve of elections on 27th March 2015. Watch out for PEJ Unchained




– 5 Awesome New Explosive Weapons

– 3 New Hilarious Stages

– A New Guest Star

– and more…


Daily reveals on these features will be on our Facebook Page (  ). Between now and Friday, so be sure to like and keep checking it.

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