PEJ is let loose …. This is “PEJ Unchained”
January 12, 2015
Catapults,In-app purchases and a few other things
February 3, 2015

Hi Fellas

So this should have come in yesterday but I decided to wait and it was definitely worth it….

So we released PEJ Unchained on the 14th of January.

It’s available on Google Play, 1mobile and the Amazon Appstore

Seeing as it was a Sonbim Mini project we had no major publicity plans… We shared it on our Facebook pages and twitter handles and then on

That was basically it. Next thing, it got on Nairaland’s homepage and within that day, the post got 16,000+ views and a whole load of interesting comments. You can look it up there.

Since Google Play is often two days behind we had no idea what download numbers were but 3 days later, we (the team in our daily Whatsapp group talk) were discussing the possibility on taking the PEJ game and re-skinning it (change the entire theme, art, and add more features) for a global audience.

I headed to Google Play to see if there was any game from which we could get art style inspiration to , I was scrolling through the Top Free Games Charts… And I was amazed to Spot PEJ Unchained at Number 154…

Saying we were thrilled is an understatement…We had broken into the Top 200. But it wasn’t done. The next day we were at position 111, the day after we were at 101 (yesterday).

I was to do my weekly post then but I decided to hold on and keep fingers crossed that we make it into the top 100 and we did… Today we are at 93.



Now I have no idea how Google rates the Top Free games. If it’s by ratings, reviews, downloads or a mixture of them all.

But we honestly don’t care at this point.



 In other news..

We updated the game 2 days ago to include Facebook sharing and have submitted to a Blackberry version to Blackberry World. We await approval for that.

Meanwhile we are looking into adding a few more features to the game. Just to give it some more replay value. Backgrounds, Extra Weapons, etc. You’ll have the details once we have settled them.


We also decided that we will be completely open about our numbers and income and all, and so…

The numbers January 14th to January 19th

Download wise, we have had about 1200 installs


PEJ Unchained has no in-app purchases and so we run in game ads from 2 networks

Google Admob and Chartboost:


Google Admob has had 3340 Impressions, 106 clicks and earned US$6.52

Chartboost has had 1,199 Impressions, 140 clicks and earned $0.41



It would seem Admob is the way to go.

Yes it’s tiny, but that’s the reality, making game development pay is hard work, you need lots and lots of downloads to support the freemium or ad-supported model. And it’s actually a lot considering that our previous title Valentine rush, earned just $6 all through 2014.

And Thanks everyone… without you guys, none of this would have been possible.

Feel free to send us an email or post a comment. We will reply each one.


Sonbim Games